SURFA Leadership

SURFA Officers 2022-2024

Mark Cicchetti, CRRA
Florida Public Service Commission
(850) 413-6066
[email protected]

Vice President
Vincent Rea, CRRA
Regulatory Finance Associates
(910) 639-6994
Regulatory Finance [email protected]

Rita Scuris, CFA
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
(860) 794-6147
[email protected]

Board of Directors

Pauline M. Ahern, CRRA
ScottMadden (Retired)
(856) 577-8623
[email protected]

Nik Banka
Roanoke Gas Company
(540) 777-3855
[email protected]

Barbara Chapman
Fitch Ratings
(646) 582-4886
[email protected]

Paul Hunt Ph.D.
Southern California Edison Company (Retired)
(626) 482-2241
[email protected]

Edward Kaufman, CRRA
VA State Corporation Commission
(804) 371-9958
[email protected]

Richard A. Michelfelder, Ph.D.
Rutgers Univ. School of Business - Camden
(609) 214-0986
[email protected]

Keith Ritchie
Ontario Energy Board
(416) 44908124
[email protected]

Geoffrey Rush, CRRA
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
(401) 521-6558

Rachel Schlensker, CRRA

Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission
(717) 783-5769
[email protected]

Emily Sears

Public Utility Commission of Texas
(512) 936-7224
[email protected]

Bente Villadsen (Ex Officio)

The Brattle Group, Inc.
(617) 864-7900, ext. 5608
[email protected]

Ryan Wobbrock, CRRA
Moody's Investors Service
(212) 553-7104
[email protected]

J. Randall (Randy) Woolridge
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 865-1160
[email protected]